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2005 Ford Expedition HHO Conversion

2005 Ford Expedition = Converted!

HHO dry cell kit

Follow our install blog on our 2005 Ford Expedition. Here you will be able to see our installation step by step. The first step is to document your vehicles current fuel economy. We do this for city driving and highway driving. In this Ford we documented 10.5 -11 MPG in the city and on the highway we got 14 MPG.

How to Install the Volo Performance Chip

After our Volo Performance Chip Installation we have documented 13.5 MPG in the City. We run this test without HHO first to be sure we have control over the vehicles air/fuel ratio. We are looking for a 1-3 MPG increase with just the chip. We saw a consistent 2.5 MPG increase repeating the same city tests as previous. Now we are ready to start installing our HydroClubUSA HHO Conversion Kit.

If your not sure Hydrogen on demand is for you, but you do want a decent increase in fuel economy, you can achieve this with just the Volo Performance Chip.

The easy way to mount your cell and reservoir is to connect all your hoses securely with hose clamps before mounting your cell or reservoir. Drop it in place where you want it to go and mount the reservoir and cell into its new home.

The next step is fitting your 90 degree nozzle on your air intake correctly. The ideal location for this is on the bottom side of your air intake as hydrogen floats. If you cannot insert your nozzle on the bottom side at least get the nozzle as close to your engine as possible and angle it toward your engine.

Now that your cell/reservoir is in place and your 90 degree nozzle has been inserted it is time to connect your HHO line from your reservoir to your engine. The shorter the distance your HHO has to travel the better. Keep your hoses as far from engine heat as possible. Check out the video to see it done correctly.

This is an overview of the electrical wiring completed in the Expedition. Be sure to refer to the step by step instructions in your HydroClubUSA Kit as you connect your electrical components.

This video clip reviews our installation manual included with the kits. Install your kit step by step and remember we are here if you have any questions along the way.

Here you will see our totally awesome transparent relay which comes with each of our kits. This relay turns your Hydrogen On Demand kit on/off with your fuel pump. Safety first.


This shows you where to connect Pin 85 on your relay. This wire will connect to your fuel pump relay with the 18 gauge wire supplied with your kit.

Pin 30 connects to the positive post on your battery. This relay allows you to power your cell directly from your battery on a fused circuit and only allows your cell to be active if your engine is running.

​Pin 87 on your relay connects to your cell. This is the power out circuit on the relay and is activated by pin 85's signal from your fuel pump.

Pin 86 on your relay connects to the negative post on your battery. Always use your battery post for connecting any ground to your HHO system.


Here is an overview of the digital ammeter wiring. Be sure to review the installation manual for detailed wiring instructions and diagrams for the ammeter.

Ride Along MPG Test After HHO

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