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Browns Gas: My water is getting Very dirty, NOW WHAT ! ? ? . . .

With all HHO systems the water color will change over time and begin turning brown. This is normal and why we implement a 6 month periodic flush.


Since the beginning of HHO, systems that produce ” Browns Gas” share this common problem. The name “Browns Gas” seems quite fitting as you we see a slight browning of the water in these systems ( as well as the inventors name being Yull Brown ).

This brown color is your catalyst degrading or burning up in the process. The catalyst we use is KOH. This is the cleanest and most powerful electrolyte to use that we are aware of. Your cell my never turn color if the circulation is perfect and your KOH does not burn up. If your KOH does burn up don't worry your system is still ok.

Although this is something seen across the board in the industry, we have always been interested in how clean our cells stay compared to others. Proper flow will help keep the KOH from burning up at an advanced rate.

If your system is healthy your water should remain transparent for up to 4-6 months depending on use. Even if there is slight change in tint, you should still be able see through your water.

If your drop is not of 12-14 inches or not close to straight down with little to no snaking of the lines, you may be experiencing poor circulation. This can speed up this browning process. Click here to add a small pump to your system.

If you notice your water becoming murky, very dark, or browning at an advanced rate, you may begin to suspect that something foreign may have entered into the process which led to this discoloration. If this has occured take the steps below to flush your system.

Instructions on how to flush.

1. Empty system of current electrolyte (drain the system of the water which it is currently holding).

2. Replace with Distilled White Vinegar.


3. With Tank Cap OFF, Turn HHO system on for 5-10 minutes allowing the Vinegar to flow through the system and cleanse from inside out.

4. Empty Again ( repeat step 1).

5. Replace with new distilled water/KOH mixture.

Extra Tip for your dirty lines:

This should clear things up. If you suspect your lines may be dirty, you can run a 1 parts bleach/ 2 part water mixture through them to cleanse them of anything polluting your system before firing it back up with the new clean mixture.

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