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How much HHO do I need?

We suggest keeping a log book of your tuning results and testing data

The first thing we do on fuel injected vehicle is install proper EFIE or Volo fs2 chip. Then we typically will suggest (though it’s not required) taking a 120 mile trip with just the volo on. This is a great test to see if the chip is communicating with the ECU. During this test members are looking for a change in the vehicles driving behavior and a slight change in mileage. We will see anywhere from 1-3 mile per gallon increase during this 120 mile test run.

Once we are finished with this test, the next step we take is to begin testing with a small amount of HHO introduced to the engine. A reset of the volo chip is recommended anytime you are testing a new amp draw or hho amount. Start as low as you can. 1-3 amps is recommeneded. Do not start with more than 5 amps. Once you have your amp draw where you desire you are ready for your first tuning test. We suggest driving 150 miles while using this amp draw. On your log sheet this will look like this

Miles driven : 150

Amp draw used: 5 amps

Results: 27 MPG

We then recommend slowly increasing your hho/amps for the next tuning test. An example of this would be if you started with 5 amps, to go to 6-7 amps for the next test. The slower you can increase your HHO, the more beneficial it will be for you in the long run. Though it is a bit more time consuming to test in this manner, it is recommended as we see dramatic differences in vehicle preferences for the best amount of HHO for optimal performance. Your log for this test might look similar to the example below:

Miles Driven : 150

Amp Draw used: 6-7 amps

Results: 28 MPG

Continue to test in this fashion, gradually increasing your amp draw while tracking your vehicles performance and mileage. You will be able to accurately tune your kit to produce the amount of HHO which is optimal for your specific vehicle.

Don’t forget to reset your chip between testing if your are using the Fs2 Chip. If you have any doubts the HHO is getting to your engine we recommend doing a simple leak water test as seen in the video below.

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