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How To Winterize My HydroCell Kit


Protecting your HydroClubUSA Kit from the winter elements is pretty simple. First of all you do not have to worry about your cell freezing when it is operating. The cell produces heat as it is running.

Only if your system is not is use for more than 10 hours in less than 10 degree weather do you need to take action to prevent it from freezing.

In this case we recommend using a pipe wrap as shown in the video above. This member operates his Diesel truck in Canada with our system on it. He has an electric pipe wrap installed around the cells, hoses, and tank. He has electric plug ran next to his trucks plug in and plugs them both in if the weather gets too cold. This works well for him and is all he needs to prevent his cells from freezing.

We do not recommend using any additives to your mix. We have tested a lot of additives to prevent freexing and found the cell works best with as pure of an electrolyte as possible. We are even getting away from suggesting to increase your KOH concentrate in the winter months. The KOH burning up in the electroylsis process is what causes the cells water to discolor. Your system will run a lot cleaner if you will keep your KOH levels low and use the electric pipe wrap as suggested above. You can find these pipe wraps here on amazon

Another viable option is your basic battery heater. The cell is all which needs to be prevented from freezing and you can place these directly beneath the cell. Works Great! You can find an electric battery heater here on amazon

If you do not take preventative action for extreme weather conditions it can damage your cell. If the water between your cells plates freeze it can expand and move the orings inside the cell. If this happens do not worry we can fix it for you just email us and we will help you get your cell functioning correctly.

Be sure to contact us with any ideas you have used to prevent freezing. Happy Mileage!

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