The Reports Are In Water Can Be Used As Fuel"

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Hello and Greetings from HydroClubUSA

We wanted to take some time and share with you who we are and why we created HydroClubUSA. My name is Richie Waddell and this is my family. The lovely lady on the left is my wife Jessica holding our rambunctious three year old Abigail (Abby). And of course on the right is me holding our youngest daughter Mckenzie (Kenzie).

Dancing A Jig

It all started in the spring andsummer of 2008. Just like everyone else in this great country we were paying close to $4.00 per gallon of low grade gasoline. Our vehicle usually took $20-$25 to fill up. We found ourselves paying almost $60 to fill our small gas tank. This really put a dent in our finances along with everyone else trying to cope with high gas prices. Needless to say we decided to take action. I studied on the internet and found water being used as a supplement to fuel. At first I did not understand the concept and found myself very skeptical. Then I remembered a science project we did in school. We did this same experiment with a bowl of salt water and two electrical current probes in high school. Almost every student does this experiment sometime in school. Adding current to the probes, a positive current to one probe and a negative current to the other we created what is known as electrolysis. Instantly a cloud of HHO gas rises from the bowl. Electrolysis is simply the process of separating the Hydrogen from the Oxygen. When this happens it is no longer a liquid but a gas that can be used as a fuel. Remembering all of this from high school triggered my belief. Now I knew this could and would work because we had already did it in science class. As far as using this as a fuel though I was still unsure. So doing more research I found a lot of positive and a lot of negative. We decided our only option to know the truth was to test the technology for ourselves. My father in law and I began building and testing HHO cells. We built one of the mason jar setups and placed it on his Toyota Camry. The next gas station we found ourselves dancing a jig in the parking lot after receiving 85 MPG. You may be wondering how such high MPG is possible. Well his Toyota is a 1989 and has been ran for years on gas. You know as well as I do blow from your engine develops engine gunk on your pistons and valves. HHO will actually use this built up gunk as fuel because that is all it is, unused fuel.


On the trip home our 02 sensors picked up the extra oxygen going through the system and sent more fuel to the engine giving us a couple MPG less than normal. This began our journey of learning how to control the Air/Fuel ratio on fuel injected vehicles for HHO use. Along the way we tried several different electronic devices for controlling the air/fuel ratio. Most of these devices were junk which could never accurately and consistently control air/fuel ratio. This is one of the main reasons for all the negative theories out there as to why this technology does not work. But we have now released kits for all vehicles on the road with electronics which accurately control air/fuel ratio if needed.

Designing Our HHO Dry Cell

We began designing and testing different HHO Cell designs. Like most people we started out with wet cells. No matter how good the design of a wet cell they still have problems. A wet cell is completely submerged in water. There is no circulation so it runs hot and takes up a lot of space even with the small thin designs. We seen several people using what is known as a dry cell design and believed this was the future of HHO production. We had several goals in mind while developing our HHO dry cell.

1. We wanted it to be small enough to fit on all vehicles.

2. We knew it had to powerful enough to supplement all vehicles on the road.

3. We definitely were going to make it out of only the best materials.

4. We also wanted to bring our HHO Dry Cell to market as inexpensively as possible.

As you can see we met and exceeded all our expectations on the way to developing our HHO Dry Cell. As a matter of fact we did such a good job immediately people began to copy our design. But they do not know the secrets. They do not know the three step process our steel goes through to create as much HHO as our Dry Cell produces. They also cannot get their cells to circulate near as well as our design. We want to keep this technology as green as possible that's why we produce our 9 plate design and will not produce a cell with more plates. We tested every HHO Dry Cell design that we knew possible and this design was clearly the best. We continually see great results and have not had one major problem with any of the HHO Dry Cells we have produced.

Our family started this whole project with one goal in mind to help the average person save fuel on a daily basis. We personally know how hard it was to keep up with rising gas prices. So go ahead and set your self free. Don't be held hostage by high gas prices again. Be proactive and let us help you convert your vehicle to a water/gas hybrid today.


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